Transitioning to the next phase of your career can be a challenging experience, irrespective of whether you are starting or taking the final step on the career ladder. It can be tough to navigate this by yourself.
Having the assistance of a professional to help you steer clear of pitfalls or to ensure your pencil is sharpened, might be the smartest move you can make. It’s like having a personal trainer to keep you focused on the end goal.
Redcat Recruitment has partnered with a top-quality coach and seasoned HR professional to deliver coaching on a virtual platform. Making it the most convenient, accessible and affordable way possible, to tap into coaching.
We customise a coaching program around your needs to help you leverage your strengths, values, preferences, skills and experience in preparation for your career move.


Transitioning into a new role is tough, and to navigate the landscape with a new employer even more so. The complexities of transition can be vast and somewhat overwhelming, especially if the new recruit is expected to hit the ground running. Our primary brains are finely attuned to evoke a threat response when dealing with change, creating heightened emotions, rigidness, stress, anxiety and an inability to think deeply – all symptoms which can derail performance. To bounce back once off-balance requires resilience and often takes longer than anticipated.
Redcat Recruitment encourages organisations to include coaching as part of an integrated on-boarding process for leadership appointments. Having a professional coach who can assist new recruits with the transition can make all the difference.
We have partnered with a top quality coach and seasoned HR professional to assist new leadership recruits with the transition. Make contact with us for more information.


Behavioural Assessment
A behavioural assessment is a valuable tool to use as part of the recruitment process. It provides insight into the fit of an individual in a specific role based on their behavioural style. It also offers employers helpful clues on how to leverage an individual’s behavioural style to deliver the best results in the workplace.
Benefits of a behavioural Assessment:

  • Determine an individual’s fit for a specific role by understanding their behavioural style
  • Understand an individual’s communication preferences.
  • Understand the preferred leadership style.
  • Potential strengths and weaknesses of an individual.
  • Potential development areas.
  • Increases the self-awareness of the individual

360 Feedback Assessments

Conducting a 360 feedback assessment can offer a steep learning experience. It creates self-awareness as it allows one to view yourself through the eyes of others. When used in an organisational context, it is an ideal development tool, especially to identify and address relationship dilemmas within a team context.

Benefits it brings to an organisation, team or individual:

  • Identify the gap between the identity and reputation of an individual.
  • Determine underlying issues that might be impacting on an individual’s performance.
  • Open channels to improve communication amongst members.
  • Help increase self-awareness.
  • Help to understand the behavioural and technical competencies of an individual.